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    Project Story Book

    You can feed a blind child's imagination, while helping them learn to read in spite of his or her circumstances! Our collaborative braille transcription solutions aims to contribute to the empowerment, independance, and quality of life for every blind and visually-impaired beginning readers in grades pre-k through 3. So, why not become a part of Project Story Book?

    When you become a Story Book Sponsor, your tax-deductible contributions are pooled to support community- and nationally-led, transcriptions of print story books into braille for the excited children across our nation. This maximizes your impact, allowing you to do the most good, for the smallest amount of effort, while improving the lives of many. You are moments away from changing a blind child's life:

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    Helping to radicate veteran homelessness - Operation indiana Homeless warriors


    Operation Indiana Homeless Warriors

    Indiana Homeless Warriors mission is to confront homelessness by developing sustainable long-term, affordable housing and providing supportive services as a pathway to self-sufficiency.

    Our Core Values

    • Homelessness is unacceptable;
    • Every person has the natural right to be respected, treated with dignity, and surrounded with compassion;
    • We believe that we can achieve great things if we work in partnership and in collaboration;
    • We are ethical in our positions of trust; we are transparent and honest in our communications; and
    • We promote the welfare of veterans, as well as other hard-working Americans without a home.

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